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Adolfo Halsband en la USINA del Arte


History of Master Halsband



Italian and Argentine concert player

Master Halsband, began his apprenticeship with his mother, Music Teacher Amalia Thau Schaffer, receiving classes in Violin, Viola, Theory, Solfeggio, Piano, cultivating his love for art and music from an early age.


He then continued his studies with teachers such as Sebastian  Cambon,  Julio Graña and Simsya Bayour, at the Carlos Lopez Buchardo National Conservatory of Music, from which he graduated with the titles of Senior Professor of Violin, Viola and Singing.



- Viola master classes with Maestro Tomas Tichauer.

  • Singing classes and repertoire with: Maestro Horacio Mastrango, Maestro Manuguerra and Professor Flora Thau-Schaffer.

  • Master Classes of Violin and Viola with teacher.  Eduardo Hubert, in the Dorado Hall of the Colon Theater.

-  Master Classes with Master Ruben Gonzalez.

-  Master with Elias Khayat.

-  Master Blüm, 1st violist and the National Symphonic    Orchestra.




Throughout his extensive career and currently performs in the main concert halls of the country:


such as the Colon Theater, Cervantes National Theater, San Martin Theater, Opera Theater, Gran Rex Theater, Teatro Maipo, Teatro Roma de Avellaneda, Lola Membrives Theater, Avenida Theater.


El Circulo de Rosario Theater, Luna Park, CCK La Ballena Azul, Theater Argentino de la Plata, Coliseo Theater, Metropolitan Theater, Alvear Theater, La Rivera Theater, Regio Theater, San Martin Theater, Sarmiento Theater, Buenos Aires Theater Complex, Recoleta Cultural Center, La Usina del Arte, Auditorium of the Faculty of Law, National Library and the Library of Congress.





Also in Tanguerias and Milongas emblematic as:


The old warehouse, Café de los Angelitos, Café Tortoni, 

36 Billares, Señor Tango, Piazzolla Tango, El Beso, El Querandi, The Cathedral Club, Taconeando, Canning, 

El Tacuari Tango, Maldita Milonga, Tango Dance Club Gricel, Floreal Milonga, La Baldosa Milonga, El Pial, La Cazona, Milonga Nuevo Chique, Club Fulgor of Villa Crespo, La Viruta.




  • Violin holder of the “El Afile” group. 

  • Viola Solista Holder of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Argentine Catholic University.

  • Concerting German Orchestra of Buenos Aires. Concertino, 1 st Violin.

- Viola Solista of the Orchestra  Compania of Opera  Clasica del Sur, 

- Violist holder of String Quartet “Amecord16”

- Violist holder of the String quartet “Emet”.

  • Professor of Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Song, Chamber Music.

  • Master Classes, all the levels. English- Spanish.

-  Chamber music, in Specialties of Tango, Jazz, Folklore  and Classical Music.

-  Studies in the city of Buenos Aires, develops projects as arranger and composer.








  • Violin Solista of the Orchestra Lionel Mizrahi with the direction to the piano of. Matias Chapiro.

- Violin Solista of the Orchestra “ People  of Tango”, with the direction to the piano of master Guillermo During.

  • Viola Holder of the “Union e Benevolenza Symphony Orchestra”

  • Professor head of the  violin, viola, singing and cello in “The Tempo Musical Institute”.


- Member of the National Radio Youth Orchestra, under the baton of maestro Spiller.

- Concertino of the Chamber Orchestra Judeo-Argentina, under the baton of master Simon Cudich.

- Member of Los Solistas de Bs.As., under the baton of maestro Epelbaum.

- Member of the Metropolitan Tango Orchestra,

     under the direction of maestro Nestor Marconi.

- Member of the Lanus Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Daniel Bozzani.


 - Golden Room of the Colon Theater.

- Substitute Viola of the Avellaneda Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro Roma, under the direction of Mtro. Fontella.

- Substitute of Violin and Viola of the Stable Orchestra of the Colon Theater.

- Violinist member of the tango group “La Grela”.


- Violinist member of the Porteño Quintet.

- Violinist member in the duo with Bandoneón and Piano with Maestro Norberto Vogel

- Violinist member of the Tango Orchestra “Sans Souci”.

- Replacement Violist of the National Symphony Orchestra.

- Violinist in the Inspiration Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Norberto Vogel.


- Violinist of the orchestra of the Casa de la Opera under the baton of Giorgio Paganini.

- Violinist of the orchestra of the company “Peco Peco” of opera buffa, under the baton of. Bruno D'astoli


- Violinist of the Orquesta Guardia Vieja under the direction of Maestro Joaquín Amenaba-Vio

- Violinist of the Zarauela orchestra, under the baton of Riol.


- Violist of the orchestra of Cámara del Sur under the baton of Edgardo Palotta.

- First Violin of the Sextet of Tango by Juan Carlos Sabatino. At the Café Tortoni,

  with Japanese singer Fuki and Tour around Japan.


- First Violin of the Maquinchao Sinfonietta.

  • First Violin of the Symphony Orchestra of the City of Buenos Aires.


- Viola from the Alma Viva String Trio. With presentations at the Bank Boston Foundation in the interior of the country.

- Member of the Sextet of Piazzolla Tango, with singer Ricardo Marín. as a violinist for 2 years.








-  2015 in Tuscany, Florence Italy.

- 2015 in Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

  • Joined the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for three years, under the baton of the teachers Kurt Masur,   Zubin Metha and Daniel Baremboin, receiving camera courses with masters  Itzjak Perlman and Zukerman.

- Joined the Orquesta OF Málaga, Spain, for two years,

  • Chamber Orchestra of Denmark.

  • Belgian camera Orchestra.

  • Belgian Camera Orchestra.

  • Chamber Orchestra of Switzerland.

  • Chamber Orchestra of Luxembourg.

  • London Chamber Orchestra.

  • Tour in Japan with Sexteto Juan Carlos Sabatino.

  • Concerts at the Sinagoga of Miami Beach, Florida, Jabad Lubavitch

-  Concerts at the sinagoga the Montreal, Canada, Jabad   Lubavitch.







Events of 2017:


- with Maestro Nestor Fabian, Norberto Vogel and the Calabrese Quartet in SADAIC.


- with the Afile Tango, in the Music Club.


- Symphonic Lyrical Gala with Tenor Carlos Natale.


- in "The Night of the Temples" with the Concertante Music Orchestra.


- with Gente de Tango in the milonga El Pial.


- Coral Symphonic Concert at the USINA del Arte.


- Choral Symphonic Concert in the Victorias Church.


- Violinist at the Teatro Maipo: Solange Freire on "Broadway Baby". Musical comedy.


  • Concertino 1º violin, Orquesta Musica Concertante Germany the Buenos Aires. Repertoire: Sinfonia de W.a. Mozart, Concert No. 2 for Oboe and Orchestra by Tomaso Albinoni . Elegia for Orchestra by P. Tchaikovsky.

  • Peer jynt by E. Grieg. In the German Abbey. CABA.


  • Concertino 1º violin, Orquesta Musica Concertante de Buenos Aires. Repertoire: Sinfonia de W.a. Mozart, Concert No. 2 for Oboe and Orchestra by Tomaso Albinoni. 

  • Elegia for Orchestra by P. Tchaikovsky. Peer jynt by E. Grieg. In the German Abbey. CABA.German Lutheran Church

     In Martinez Province of Buenos Aires.


- Choreo Orchestra: 1st Viola, In Playful Expo. In the city of La Plata.


- Opera The Magic Flute. Organizer and member of the Orquesta Clásica del Sur.


- Opera Maria Stuardo, by G. Donzinetti. Organizer and member of the Orquesta Clásica del Sur.


- Opera Cinderella. by G.Rossini. Organizer and member of the Orquesta Clásica del Sur.

- Opera Don Giovanni. Organizer and member of the    Orquesta Clásica del Sur.


- Orquesta Gente de Tango. Pilar Tango Club.

- Orquesta Gente de Tango: in the Milonga la Baldosa.


- Amecord16 Quartet, in Eclecticus Festival.

- Amecord16  Quartet, the National Library.


Some Events of 2016


- Opera The Magic Flute, Luz y Fuerza Theater, Buenos Aires.

- Opera Anna Bolena, Luz y Fuerza Theater, Buenos Aires.

- Concertante Orchestra of Buenos Aires.

- Various Presentations with the Amecord Quartet.

- Concert Mass Op.86 by Antonin Dvorak.

- Rachmaninoff, Teatro el Globo.

- Presentation of the CD Frutos Rojos, in Homero Manzi.

- Symphonic Orchestra of the University of the UCA.




- Requiem Concert by Verdi. In La Ballena Azul, Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

- Glory of Leonardo San Juan.

- Orchestra and Soloist Choir. Guadalupe Church, Buenos Aires

- Glory of Leonardo San Juan.

- Orchestra and Soloist Choir. Callao 522, Buenos Aires.

- Concert Vox Dei Sinfónico, Teatro La Ballena Azul, Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.


 - Orchestra of “Camara Adolfus”, concertino -1º violin accompanying the great tenor Carlos Natale, Lobos.

- First Violin, Orchestra E.M.E.T. Direction Di Mattia. Astor Piazzolla Room. Argentine Theater of La Plata.

 - Viola, Symphony Orchestra of the UCA. Address Vieu. In AMIJAI Community.

- First Viola Opera La Vervia Traviata. Direction Carlos Vieu and the soloists Carlos Vassallo and Gibert Mella.Teatro Broadway.


 - First Violin Opera la Forza of Verdi's destiny. Direction Giorgio Paganini. Soloists Adelaida Negri and Claudio Rotella. Leonardo Linares. Avenue Theater.


- First Viola Opera La Scala di Seta by Rossini. Direction Bruno D'astoli. Soloists G. Centeno and C.Torres. Teatro Avenida.First Violin

- The Brief Mass No.7 of Gounod. Address Javier Pautaos.

 - First Viola Opera The Theatrical Entrepreneur of W. A. ​​Mozart.

- Violin Soloist Arias de Opera with the Unforgettable Choir. With the Mtro. Horacio Mastrango.

- Soloist Violin Gala Lirica at the Borges Cultural Center. With S. Bürgi and C. D'onofrio.


- First Viola Opera Apollo and Jacinto by W. A. ​​Mozart.

- Baritone Coreuta Opera Verdi's Travista. Direction Daniel Saito and Horacio Mastrango. Italian Association

- First Violin Operates the Barber of Seville by Rossini. Direction Dante Ranieri. Lola Membrives Theater.


- First Violin Selection The Best of the Zarzuela Address Riol. C. Vasallo and Mauro Esposito. Avenue Theater.

- First Viola Oratorio Handel's Messiah.

- First Operetta Violin Road to the Sun by Ariel Frezza. Direction Ariel Frezza. The Comedy Theater

  • First Viola Opera Dido and Eneas by Purcell

  • First Violin Opera Nabuco by Verdi. Address G. Paganini. Soloists Lopez Linares and Nino Meneghetti. Avenue Theater.

- First Viola Symphony Orchestra of the Faculty of Medicine of Buenos Aires. Address D. Ingignoli.

 - First Violin of the String Quartet Simja. In the Theater of the city of Lincoln.


-Violin Soloist Concert by Lag Baomer in the community Sefaradi Rabbi Ovadia Iosef. With  teacher German Kalinsky.




- Studio Recordings: 

- "Aksak", Compositions by Martin Lucero. The Master Halsband as Viola.

- "Frutos Rojos", tangos harvest 2015 Monica Fozzini / Maximo Blostein.

- "Ciudad de Ciegos" Lilian Estevez and Norberto Vogel.

- "Siento Tangos" with Carlos Bergesio and Norberto Vogel.

- "Doña Flor and her two husbands" Broadway Theater. I agree Blacher. Director.

- "A thousand nights without end" Tangos with Gabriel Dominguez, Shira Jadasha. Musical direction: German Kalinscky and Ari Litvak.

- "Malinche's Curse" folk music with Suna Rocha.

- "Tango Passion I" with Andres Linetzky.

- "Tango Passion II" with Andres Linetzky.

- "Tangos del cuarenta" with the Sans Souci Orchestra.

- Show with the AMIA Orchestra.

- Tangos with the Inspiration Orchestra.

- "Tangos of today and forever" with Master Vogel.

- "Music to share" classical music and movies.

- "Choral lyric symphonic concert" with Norberto Vogel.

- "Hassidic Strings" Traditional Jewish music with the EMET Orchestra.

- "What cost me Laura's love" with Alejandro Dolina.

- "Dracula" musical with Pepe Cibrian.

- "What the wind did not take away" program with Nelson Castro.

- Concert for Viola and Orchestra of Telemann.

- Concert in the Astor Piazzolla hall of the Teatro Argentino de la Plata, with the EMET Orchestra.

- Metropolitan Tango Orchestra Tribute to Buenos Aires. With Master Néstor Marconi.

- "Zoilammamy" traditional Jewish music, with singer Zoila.

- "Svetlana" the best of the traditional Hebrew and the Popular Yddish, with the Russian singer Svetlana Portniansky.


- "Homage to Patagonia" Soundtrack of the CD of the Artist Paula Franco.

- "Fame is pure story" tango music with Caligula.

- "Gold and Silver" Gaby the sensual voice of tango.

- "Sangre de Tango" Gaby the sensual voice of Tango.

- "Look Tango" Gaby the sensual voice of tango.

- "Tango de mi" tango music with Cecilia Duddeck Vilela.

- "Tango Karaoke" sings like Gardel, with Angel Rico.

  • "From Gardel to Piazzolla" with Angel Rico and Norberto Vogel.


- “Tangos Symphonic”with the Lanus Chamber Orchestra.

- "Camino al sol" Opera by Ariel Frezza concertmaster Adolfo Halsband.

- "Lirico Coral Symphonic Concert" Union of Argentine Doctors with the EMET Orchestra.

- Sinquinietta Maquinchao "live classical music.

- "EMET Chamber Orchestra" Light and strength theater. Classical music and tango.


- "Colegiales lives the tango II" Musica de Tango.

- "Canciones del Sur" tango music with Martha Baltodano.

- "Vivir en Buenos Aires" tango music with Fabiana Ali.

- "Voices of good Bohemian" bar porteño music by Tango.

- "Sexteto Juan Carlos Sabatino" music by Tango.

- "Tangos of today and forever" with Norberto Vogel.

- "El saco del Polaco" with Carlos Cabrera.

- "Ta'am Latino" The Latin American Shabbat. With the   Hazzan Gaston Bogolmolni.

- "The Majol Strings Quartet Performs" classical music and tango.

- "DVD Tango Karaoke sings like Gardel" with Angel Rico.

  • "USEMA University Concert DVD" with Gustavo Massun. Quintets of Castelnuovo

  • -Tedesco and Jeromita Linares de Guastavino.




- "Zohar Glaciers" by the Visual Artist Paula Franco, Espacio de arte Aeroparque.

- "Fragmentos" by Paula Franco. Atelier el Gato Viejo by Carlos Regazzoni.

- "Homage to Patagonia" by Paula Franco. Presidency of the Nation, Casa Rosada.

- "Expo Galler Shop" Art exhibition, Sheraton Hotel.

- "Libertad Art 2007" Collective exhibition Paula Franco, Salvador Constanzo (national award) and others ... Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires.





- As a violinist, with the group Don Atilio:

- 2005: Winners of the Notable Bars Competition.

- Sponsored by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

- 2006: Winners of the Tango Contest organized by the Casa del Tango "El Barracas".




- 1st International Tango Festival Ciudad de la Plata.

- First violin Orchestra Sans Souci.

- 2005 7th Buenos Aires Tango Festival.

- 2004 Festival “El Subte Vive”.

- 2002 Festival "El Subte Vive" Sponsored by Metrovias.






 - 2006 "Homage to Carlos Gardel" Carlos Gardel Museum (Secretary of Culture Government of the City of Buenos Aires).

- 2007 "One hundred years of Varela Station" Subway E Line.

- 2006/2007 Carlos Gardel Station "Friends Association of Carlos Gardel.


- 2008-2013: Presentations in typical Buenos Aires milongas such as "La milonga de Moran",

      "The Chip". Etc.

- 2007 Bar el Barracas (former bar where the film Sur de Fernando Solana was filmed) .- - 2004/2006 Club Alemán - Anniversary Party.

- 2005 Inauguration of the Abasto pantheon.


- 2004 Presentations at the floating Casino. Madero Port.

- 2004 Concert in the Templum room.2004: Rodizzio Restaurant. Costa Salguero


- 2003 South Cultural Center.












- 2006: Solo Tango Channel, report on the "en la lleca" program. With the Sextet Don Atilio.

  • 2005: Channel "a" What the wind does not take” by Dr. Nelson Castro Viola soloist at the Telemann concert.

 - Santa Cecilia Chamber Orchestra.

 - 2005: National Radio. Concert and Report. With the sextet, Atilio.


- 2004: Radio Splendid, report by journalist Nolo Correa. With the sextet Mr. Atilio.





Master Adolfo Halsband

549 1544078496

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